Time-to-Tri.com – Triathlon

Time-to-Tri.com - Triathlon

Time-to-Tri.com – Triathlon

Time-to-Tri.com: http://www.time-to-tri.com/ is the main headquarter site for Triathlon which will provide coverage of Triathlon on a more personal scale while still incorporating TRI news from around the world. The site will link to the content from Time-to-Run relating to Injuries and Treatment as well as Nutrition and Training with special focus on developing a framework based upon the 10km Training program to provide a workable Triathlon training platform

The site is will become diverse and covers all aspects related to triathlon with a section under the Time-to-Run forum; Triathlon dedicated to feedback for the Triathlon structure provided.

These forums and associated data shall be developed over time.

DMG Sport network

The development of the DMG Sport network is an ongoing project which utlises the various sports portals such as Time-to-Run.com: The World’s online running information website as well as the Time-4-Golf.com: Golf Information  portal and Time-4-Tennis.com:Tennis Network to provide news and information on sport while working to increase its portfolio of valuable Sport related links and services.